zwift by bramvanhaeren
  • An initial review of your cycling fitness / form and balance aka (CTL, ATL, TSB)
  • FTP goals/projection 
  • Indoor & outdoor coaching
  • Monthly training plans 
  • Zwift race advice
  • Quarterly coach check-ins

Yes, during the launch try code 25 or 50 for upto 50% off

Surprisingly yes! You can use the workout diary following the time/intensity to outdoor rides for a great structured plan IRL!

No sorry, currently zwiftPLAN works as a download or reference PDF

Yes, zwiftPLAN has been used to train for a zwift event or outdoor event. We recommend to build by 5-10% per week for three months before your event date

Yes, if sign up to Zwift Coaching and you will be allocated a real-life accredited coach, experienced in power-based training.

Yes, we recognize rest and recovery are vital parts of training so we suggest rest days and consolidation weeks

After purchase you will be redirected to a google form where you can send us your personalized data

Our early trials suggest most people get a 4-8% improvement in power over 12 weeks and gains are likely to continue

Yes, but you can use the one in your turbo-trainer, or even virtual power. If you ride outside then a crank or pedal meter is useful

No need! Simply follow the power zone on the course recommended for a precise workout prescription

Price Guarantee

We will not increase the price of zwiftPLAN or Zwift Coaching after you sign up

Future Refinements

We have a new option to follow zwift schedule or chose specific training worlds; and soon an option to build vs maintain fitness

Proof of Concept

Out of 17 athletes who beta-tested zwiftPLAN, the average 3 month change in FTP was 6%


If you have any suggestions for zwiftPLAN please let us know!